What we are is a group of Star Wars fans that are dedicated to Jedi costuming. That is, a group dedicated to the recreation of Jedi Costumes and Props as we see them on film and to a lessor degree some Expanded Universe materials, books, comics and animated series, things along those lines.

We are a group in the true sense of the word meaning we share rides, share expenses and hotel costs when traveling to and from events, functions and conventions. Many costuming groups are “every person for themselves” when it comes to attending functions. Our group not only helps its members with research and ideas for their costumes plus resources but also helps reduction of the costs associated with the hobby.

We attend and participate in various charity events and functions. These are usually determined by invitation and availability. If you like helping others and bringing joy to children through costuming we may be the group for you.

What we are “NOT” is a gaming group although members might be gamers themselves. We are “NOT” a religious group nor do we claim to be “real” Jedi. There are some in the group that try and apply the good things about Jedi Philosophy to their every day lives and we often speak of what it means to be Jedi but that is all in the context of portraying our characters at functions.

We are heavy into the martial art of lightsaber techniques. We have a system, practice this system and employ it during lightsaber demonstrations or “mock” battles with Sith counterparts.

There is a rank structure within the Jedi Order and members progress through the ranks as their costumes, props and lightsaber skills progress through the hobby. When a member is ready, has completed their “training” that member can then challenge the trials. Upon passing the trials that member then becomes a full Jedi Knight and may begin to train others.

What we ask of potential new members is that you accept what we are, do not try to change our group focus and respect our goals. If we seem like the group for you then by all means join in the fun. Learn from us, make new friends, develop your costumes, build your props and enjoy attending functions.

One final word is about Authenticity. This is the creation of the costumes and props with the highest degree of quality and accuracy. Each member should be their worst critic but also should expect comments and criticism from other members in order to achieve that highest level of quality. No one should ever take these criticisms personally as an attack but rather as a method and tool for reaching the high standards set down. When a non costumer fan can say that you look like you just stepped off the movie screen then you have achieved the appropriate quality level. If all this sounds good to you and you would like to become more than just a Star Wars fan but step into a character that you create and see it develop then please join us and discover new ways to have fun with Star Wars.